Summer Memberships, Drills & Tennis Lessons


Summer memberships:  Now is the time! Join during our summer special and we will waive the normal $375 initiation fee! Play all summer for one low, flat rate and pay no monthly dues until September 2018!

Several membership options available:    
Summer Memberships
Tennis & Fitness: Individual: $398 (+$100 per additional adult*)
Junior Summer membership: $168 (+$100 each additional sibling*)
*must live in same household.


Membership benefits:
1. Free indoor and outdoor court time during June, July and August
2. Participate in drills (members only)
3. Priority status for all leagues.

4. Full Fitness facility

  Call the front desk now for more details! 303-232-6272


Free indoor and outdoor court time
June, July and August.



Stoke of the week at Meadow Creek Tennis and Fitness2018 Summer Members Only Drill ("MOD")  Schedule* 




Monday:    3.5 Drill - 6-7:30pm 
Wednesday:  4.0+ Drill - 6:00-7:30pm

Thursday: Daytime Drill - 12:00-1:30pm
Saturday:    Advanced Drill -8:00-9:30am

Saturday:    Intermediate Drill -9:30-11am

Saturday:    **Cardio Tennis-11:00-12:30pm

Sunday:    Intermediate Drill -11am 12:30pm 

Sunday:    Advanced Drill -12:30-2pm


*for members only!

** non-members welcome