Tennis Drills, Cardio Tennis, Drill and Play

Member Only Drills "MOD"  MOD's are adult classes that you can sign up for on a week-to-week basis. All players must play at their published USTA rating. These drills are exclusive to Meadow Creek members only. Reservations are required.

Monday 3.0-4.0 6pm-7:30pm
Tuesday 2.5-3.5 12pm-1:30pm
Tuesday 2.5-3.5 6pm-7:30pm
Wednesday 4.0 and up 6pm-7:30pm
Thursday 3.5 and up 12pm-1:30pm
Saturday 3.5 and up 8am-9:30am
Saturday 3.0-3.5 9:30am-11am
Sunday 3.0-3.5 11am-12:30pm
Sunday 4.0 and up 12:30pm-2pm



Adult Drill & Play  Drill & Plays are open to both members and non-members. These classes are designed to take your game up a notch by combining both one hour of drills followed by an hour of supervised match play. 

Cost:  $28/members    $36/non-members  (*1.5 hour class pricing: $22/members; $29/non-members)

Buy a 6-Pack Series and SAVE!  $151.20/members   $194.40/non-members

Monday 3.5-4.0 9am-11am
Wednesday 2.5-3.0 7:30pm-9pm*
Thursday 3.0-3.5 9am-11am
Friday 3.0-3.5 1pm-3pm
Friday 4.0 and up 1pm-3pm

NOTE: Reservations are required! Please call 303.232.6272 to make your reservation and to confirm class times as they do change slightly at different times of the year. 

Adult Cardio Tennis  If you are looking for a fun, high-energy workout on the court, cardio tennis is for you! This class will get your heart pumping, burn calories and improve your overall fitness, all while taking your game to the next level.

Cost:  $18.50/members      $24/non-members

Buy a 6-Series Package and SAVE! $99.90/members   $129.60/non-Members

Saturday 2.5-3.5 11am-12pm
Saturday 3.5+ 12pm-1pm

Reservations are required. Please call 303.232.6272 to register.